an ode to love


remember the day we met?

ice cream on the tip of

my nose, a picture

of your shy smile

as you used your sleeve

to wipe it off

670 days of love,

you taught me what

the butterflies meant

and that home isn’t a place,

but a feeling in my gut when

I’m with you

that sometimes some moments

are forever and I would

always love you in

one way or the other

I have in me, your determination

yours to be mine and mine

to run after what I have always

wanted to find.

And you.

I still have the necklace you

gifted me before I knew love

and when I hold it I

can picture you;

your lips on my neck

and the dragonfly quivering

waiting for the rain

to wash away the words

that you never spelled out.

Boy, you met me

when I thought that I couldn’t

go on anymore,

not forward

nor in reverse

I wish I could muster

the courage to feel

the way you felt about me

But I was a coward and you,

a martyr who was hopelessly lost

in my war with my own self.


Pain and only pain,

I scrubbed my skin

a million times so I

didn’t smell like strawberries

mixed with cigarettes, my

clothes reeking of you and all

your gods an tragedy.


and I fell so deep

I was dancing in the wind,

with my heart on my sleeve






you burned down and here

I stand, your ashes trapped

within my closed fingers

This love, she’s a cunning one

maybe I have given her

one too many chances to

make mistakes because

everytime I make progress,

she let’s me down

not once, not twice but

over and over






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