a change in me

every season

there is a change in me

like how, last summer

I was flourishing like the goddess


walking new streets in my

black converse with neon laces

leaving footprints behind and

taking with me

the smells

the sights

the soul

every now and then

I would pick up a fallen flower

and place it between the braids

that my sister weaves in my hair

to stop it from falling

I’d hop and run and twirl around,

the sun in my eyes,

my hair honey brown

for three whole weeks

I would sit with my feet in a bundle

tracing words and shapes

onto the Foggy glass window

every now and then I shivered,

the rain running it’s chilly finger

down my back with stars all over

I count the days




Before you know it

it’s the season to blow air out

only to watch it disappear

the boy I loved used to

think it was silly, but now

it’s spring and there’s neither

him nor the nightfall that came early

At the end of the road,

there’s always a feeling

that tells me that there is

so much that is missing

Oh, but it’s summer now

the warm wind is blowing

I can leave all this thinking

to the season that’s coming.

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